Welcome!  I am honored and humbled that you have paused here for a moment. I hope the words  you find on these pages simply bless you.

In ancient days a blessing carried so much weight that one time a man actually disguised himself as his older brother and tricked his father just to get one. A blessing can set a path, a trajectory, for one’s life.  A blessing carried weight in those days and those on the receiving end of such a blessing walked taller, straighter, clearer.  And they were most likely smiling.

I am blessed to write from a small town in Maine. My husband and I raised five children and we pastor a small church together. My days are filled with teaching at a local elementary school, dabbling in a little crafting business called mitsuko textiles, and playing with grandchildren.  In all of this  there is writing.  Thank you for reading.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Mitsie…cannot begin to thank you for your faithfulness to show up… To hear and announce… To stand up and sing as you did with the very precious message He had just for me tucked in the folds of your bravery. Thank you for an amazing weekend of transparency and truth, I am grateful!


  2. My best friend Michelle Fitch told me all about you and sent me your blog. I am so glad she did! God bless you and keep you. Lorraine

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