An Extravagant Woman


Breaking open a jar of expensive perfume over some rabbi’s head is a bit ridiculous.

Especially if it’s all you’ve got to get you through retirement. Maybe you were saving it for marriage, but judging from the “sinful” life you’ve been living lately, that ship as most likely sailed.

This woman. Coming into this man’s house breaks so many rules. Although, this is no real surprise knowing what kind of woman she was.

Besides all that, the audacity of walking into a man’s home while he’s entertaining somone of noteriety, someone inching toward celebrity status at this point…did this woman see how the crowds welcomed him into Jerusalem? Did she hear what he did in the temple courts with the moneychangers?

She made such a spectacle of herself, it was embarrassing for all sitting there.  If she’d wanted to give away her entire life savings, she could have at least been a bit generous to the poor and sent some their way. Judas would have seen to it.

Instead, she wasted everything on this man. This Jesus.

And she kept touching him. Weeping like a mad woman and letting her tears fall on his feet, wiping them with her hair.

His feet! To touch so intimately what had walked through the day’s filth.

How lovely on the mountains
            Are the feet of him who brings good news,
            Who announces peace
            And brings good news of happiness,
            Who announces salvation,
            And says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

Jesus’ feet that calloused and stubbed and mucked about the dirt of humanity.
Majesty became sandal-tied.

To be so over the top. So extravagant.

Extravagantexceeding what is reasonable or appropriate, absurd. 

Can you even come close to this kind of love?

What if you gathered your entire 401K, your insurance policy, the equity in your house, and all the little bundles of 20’s and 50’s you have stashed in a bank vault somewhere and you walked into the home of the most prominent man in town during a party?


Everyone there knows your deepest, darkest secret. Jesus is there. You had an encounter earlier with him where you were set free of all that had held you captive your entire life, so you gathered everything you owned and managed to squeeze it all into a sealed jar and you just wanted to give Jesus everything.

Instead of crying tears of sorrow, you wept tears of joy and thanksgiving and you didn’t care who saw it. Life had crushed you and somehow knew this man was about to be crushed for your sake.

What would happen if you broke open your jar?

alabaster jar
(Mere Whispers)

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