Thanksgiving’s early morning light broke through a hard frost on the ground and pounded hard contractions in the belly.

Sixteen hours later it was a the boy drummer who broke the womb first.

I have been learning to walk inside the steady drum beat of thanksgiving ever since.

I have stumbled.

There have been murmurings.
There have been downright complaints.
There have even been shouts in the dark, “why is this happening?”


The one who broke bread was teaching me that thanksgiving was the way to cling to the Anchor of my soul when white-coated men tried to predict the length of the boy’s days through the lens of a liver transplant.

Two Thanksgivings later, He was showing me praise was a way to hang onto Him Who breathed life- color into black and white places when a white-coated woman advised abortion for the one who was being knitted into the Fiery Irishgirl.


In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

It is in the IN that I see God.

Thirty thanksgivings have gone by since the boy came fearfully and wonderfully made…the boy who bears the same name as the man who fought off lions in a den by wielding a sword of praise instead of one of complaint.

Jack Hayford says it like this:

But by the song, by the praise, (or thanksgiving…my word) we begin to infest the situation with the possibilities of His presence and His power.

Thankfulness is an inside job.

I could not give thanks for missing enzymes and scarring biopsies.

But, I could endeavor to muster my soul, the very inside of me, to give thanks for where He has placed me to face them. By giving thanks in all things, His presence suddenly infests, invades, really, the situation.

His presence changes my geography from the inside out.

It was thanksgiving in all things that brought me to the altar every week for the boy to be smeared with prayer and oil; this time by suit and tied men with tears streaming down their faces.

It was thanksgiving in all things  that kept me standing upright when another white-coated man took a piece of the girl’s thigh for his microscope.

I am a slow learner.

Thirty thanksgivings and thirty birthdays later and I am still in school on this one.

I think of Jesus and how thirty was a Holy Spirit invasion for Him, too. He came out of a desert full of the Spirit and was launched then, into what would become our rescue.

I think about how He wouldn’t turn stones into bread in that desert place to feed himself, but near the triumphal end He warned the grumblers who wanted to stop the praising and put an end to the thanking; that if they did, they would see those stones shout their praise and thanks to Him right then and there.

Jesus will take praise and thankfulness over food?


Because thankfulness invites Presence and Presence invites thankfulness.

The wind blew fierce over a hard frost this morning. The roads heaved hard with arctic contractions.

The boy is thirty today.

He banged drums in worship.

I’ve been thankfully invaded.


One thought on “30

  1. thanks for the memories again Mitsie…..all those happenings were stones in the foundations of our family’s faith as we walked through those times together, learning to love and trust God…….am so thankful for those stones and the awesome faithful love of our God.

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