This autumn time, where is it that you are trying to get to?

What is it that compels you to keep moving on a path where the destination isn’t quite a tangible reality, but it is a hope?

It is a faith walk, you know, to keep going when you are looking for sign posts along the way that tell you, yes, you are moving in the right direction.

But, what if the sign posts are few and far between? What if the trees close in and the streams bank wide?



Do you keep going?

Do you give up and wonder if you’ve lost your way?IMG_7802

Or do you wonder instead that it is a gift to be able to stand in beauty itself and you will be shown the way.


Besides,  you know there will be bridges.IMG_7784

Bridges that spark hope and delight and mystery.



You know that you will not be left on the edge of things with no where to go.

You have walked with Jesus, the redemptive bridge builder, who spanned the Great Chasm between our Father and humanity once and for all.


I know this, too. For us Jesus followers, it is our common tale.

It is because of Jesus, who entered the abyss instead of me, that I am able to find the bridges.

It is because of Jesus that I am embracing the mystery.

It is because of Jesus that I am up for the adventure.IMG_7788





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