Take A Deep Breath



When you exhale long after holding your breath because you’ve been waiting, bated, it is here that you realize the life force breathing deeply truly is.

Your lungs, for several days taut and puffing shallow, let go with relief because you are grateful for simply being able to go outside.

Terror has once again slipped back into the shadows.

How do we keep breathing, inhaling the deep breath of the safe and contented?

How do we breathe in all that God has for us when we know that there are shadow places where the dark things prowl, waiting for an opportune moment to stop the heart, stricken the lungs?

How do we breathe joy when shrapnel threatens to fly?

We must seek another shadow. animals,bird nests,birds,eggs,nature,nests,photographs,speckled

It is when we dwell in this Shadow, the Almighty Shadow, that we are able breathe deep without the fear that tries to lay waste at noon.

We know not the night terror when we live under the wings of the One who first breathed the first breath into the first dirt man because we are echoing the psalmist’s words:

My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust! 


When the forces of darkness come unhinged and we are shaken breathless, we become like helpless sparrows buffeted about by a ruthless wind.

Then we remember what Jesus said about sparrows.Chipping sparrow

…yet not one sparrow will fall to the ground apart from your Father….therefore, do not fear, you are of more value than many sparrows.

We breathe deep.

Our lungs fill full, knowing that nothing falls to the ground apart from the One Who loved us first.

We breathe peace because we fear no dark shadow.

We breathe joy because we are living under His Holy Shadow.

It is the only way to live and breathe.


One thought on “Take A Deep Breath

  1. He is surely only a breath away…..what a good thing to remember, Someone said, we never stop breathing…when we exhale for the last time on earth, our next inhale will be facing Him. Glory!

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