When New England Cabin Fever Smacks You Upside The Head

You are going along in your life minding your own business when WHAM! you get smacked upside the head.

A good old fashioned New England Cabin Fever back-handed cuff.

It feels more like a sucker punch because you don’t see it coming.

You are a christian. A Jesus follower. You are supposed to be the happiest person on the planet.

After all…if you’ve said yes to Jesus you are going to heaven.

And not some ethereal, pie in the sky (but, please, let there be pie in heaven) sort of place either….this place is going to rock!

Music never before heard by any human, joy never before experienced in any lifetime, love never before known to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

And Jesus will be your sun, shining ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.

No one will need a band-aid or an aspirin or a transplant.

No one will need to dress for a funeral .

No one will need Zoloft or Ritalin or caffeine.

You should be dancing a jig right now.

So why aren’t you?

Is it that seasonal disorder thing where you need more light?

Is it the snowbank that keeps encroaching toward your house?

Is it the mud splashed everything?IMG_7247

Perhaps you are telling yourself that you love New England and that you’re okay with misty mountains and blowing winds. Perhaps you are appreciating the four seasons that speak so much of God’s new life and maturing in faith and harvest abundance and winter’s hidden treasures. Yet in the telling and the appreciating you are covering up the fact that azure waters and pink sands and trees that fan soft breezes are filling your imagination for the first time ever.


What do you do when you stare at the line of shovels against the garage wondering which one do you sling into the heavenlies first?

What do you do when you hear the forecast for more snow and there is no place to put it and you let sarcasm scream, “Really?”

What do you when you long for something, anything, green?

What do you do when cabin fever strikes?

Get out of the cabin.

Get out into the cold and the mud and the dirty snow and breathe because sometimes that is all you need to do to recognize that you are still alive.  You are not bound by the elements or circumstances or bad attitudes or mocking shovels because there is promise that surrounds your life…it is THE PROMISE: Life here and now and Life to come.

Jesus said it plain.

I came that they might have life and life abundantly.

Abundant spring eternal. Seedlings buried deep under snow and rot beginning their eruption, birthing and pushing in the hidden, obscure places, are, right now, doing the hard work of just being alive. And nobody can see it.

Life worth living is lived by faith…believing that the Truth is no less real although it may be nailed to a tree.

Or like Spring, hidden under fifteen inches of hard-packed snow.

Get out of the cabin and live your life of faith.

Look past winter’s last hurrah, past her last gasping fury and Rejoice!

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Be assured and convicted that Jesus is for you.

Breathe it and know it.

Like you know that daffodils are coming.

Take your medicine for cabin fever and get out. Go look for some green.001


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