Nine Things To Do When A Blizzard Comes Calling

When you get sidetracked, sidelined, snowed in or snowbound,

make the day the best day.


When the driveway and your boots are filled with snow

let the day be filled with things that refresh.



Nine Things To Do When A Blizzard Comes Calling:

1. Rally the troops and call all hands on deck.


Share the load and brace the winds together.

2. Wear a bright scarf and be brave.


3.Drink chocolate.

Make sure it sticks to the inside of the cup so it will stick to the inside of you.IMG_7167

4. Make a really good sandwich.

Blizzards and the words “fat-free” should never co-exist.


5. Create something.

Let the hours go lazily by with the slow stroke of a paintbrush.


6. Have a flower dream. Get some colorful perspective.


7. Keep the welcome sign up.


Everyone’s house is a mess during a blizzard.



8.Remember that His eye is on you through every storm.


All your sins have been made whiter than snow because of Jesus



9. Remember that Winter is a friend.

It is the hidden place where we can believe in what what cannot yet see.IMG_7177

“Have you entered the storehouses of the snow…?












One thought on “Nine Things To Do When A Blizzard Comes Calling

  1. Love it Mitsie,,,I’d spend a blizzard with you anytime. Funny thing.just read that scripture this morning…in Job love you


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