The End Of The World As I Know It

IMG_6981There are days, even at Christmas ,when I need the night sky to be ripped open and angels to rock my world.IMG_6980IMG_6978

Even at Christmas there can be melancholy.

Darkness comes early on the east coast this time of year. The shadows begin creeping by mid-afternoon and there is only seeing what is right in front of me.IMG_6958

This day is the darkest. The sun comes up late and leaves early.

The house is filling up with baskets of half-written cards and  leftover garland and I wonder if there will be enough time.IMG_6979

I forget the world ended as I know it,  stable side when the Ancient of Days broke into the now.

I am only seeing the spilled milk, the muttering over lost keys and the lamenting of harsh words.

Shepherding the details of life can keep the eyes  looking  down, groping in the dark to get it all done.

The people who walk in darkness will see a great light, those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them.

Oh, to remember I did see a great ligfht when I first encountered Jesus.IMG_6957

Oh,  to remember that the Father of Lights, the giver of every perfect gift, has no shifting shadow.

Oh, to remember that there is a light that shines upon me and I can run, like the shepherds of old, to where He is.IMG_6956

Oh, to remember that when Majestic broke into the grime He ended it; He ended the grip of the enemy of our souls. The world as we know it is lived out through the light of Jesus’ saving power.

He brings the world to its knees first with shepherds, then kings.

One day every knee will bow.IMG_6983

6 thoughts on “The End Of The World As I Know It

  1. The book of Revelation tells us that the knees will bow, but not to a baby this time………it will be a very different presence of Jesus……majestic, powerful, bright like the sun and with a voice like the sound of many waters……yet even then, He says “Do not be afraid”. Thank you Mitsie for the reminders of how the shepherds felt.

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