The Real Deal

I accidentally grew a potato.

Back in the compost pile I was, heaving my bucket.

Back turning the dirt treasure only to see a slender green tendril come out of hiding.

I pulled the green strand slowly, out of the mulch, out of the dirt depths of decay,  and at the end of it was a tiny, fully formed potato.

A sound of delight actually escaped from my mouth and I proclaimed to no one, “A potato!”

I had not been expectant. I had not purposed to plant. Especially in a compost pile.

I had not been thinking I would find anything at the end of the green.

I was not expecting it to carry weight.

I thought it was a weed, cast-off worthy and of little substance.

It is an ugly little potato.

It is full of blemish, ruddy, even scarred in places.

And it is the real deal.

The vines that climb the side fence are not.

I have been waiting. I was purposed in my planting when I laid the seed.

There are no flowers. Only leaves grow over the wrought iron and wood.

There were supposed to be red trumpets heralding.

Morning glories speaking of His glory.

The leaves are beautiful, but I do not care about them because the fruit of flowers I expected have not come forth.

This was not supposed to be.

Jesus encountered a fig tree on his way to Jerusalem with leaves and no fruit either. He cursed it down to the root.

Not because He doesn’t like figs. He cursed it because He doesn’t like hypocrisy. He doesn’t like trickery.

I learned once when a fig tree leafs out it is a sign that fruit is present…or very soon to be. When people see leaves it is a sign. It is a marker. Fruit! Life!

Not this fig tree. This tree was pretending.  Pharisee pretending. Pretending to send of message of goodness, of righteous… pretending to send a message there was fruit on its branches. But Jesus saw through the leaves. Jesus saw through the pretending and proclaimed a withering. This was not supposed to be.

It is hard to see real.

The vines on the fence are lush and full and everytime I touch the soft leaves I am in awe of their beauty, their velvet skins soft in my palm. But I am sad and angry because I planted and sheltered and watered and cared.  There are no trumpets and it was the only reason I planted the seed in the first place. I wanted blood-red trumpets to walk under in the morning glory.

So the potato sits on the windowsill, small, blemished and real.


That’s all Jesus wants. He wants real.

I want to be real. Even if I remain hidden.

Even if I’m pulled out of the depths and I am not so pretty.




6 thoughts on “The Real Deal

  1. Very well said, Mitsie. It is human nature (at least in the culture we live in) to have a vision for greatness, to develop a plan, execute it, and to look for a certain outcome – i.e. signs that what we envisioned will come to pass and produce our desired outcome. We have an agenda. Sometimes, in our quest for greatness, things happen just the way we expected and we’re so thrilled. But when things don’t turn out the way we expected, all too often we experience a kind of “death of a vision.” In my case, I usually walk through layers and layers of emotion and pain. In these kinds of situations, I feel disappointed, heartbroken, disillusioned, discouraged, even depressed. My faith is rattled. After all, I thought I heard from the Lord and I sowed into this vision with everything I had. But why, God? Why was the outcome not so glorious? After dealing with the pain of it, maybe even in the midst of the pain, if I’m open to the truth, I come face-to-face with the Lord with my arms open and my heart laid bare, recognizing my brokenness and my need for Him. It is always amazing to me that God continues to show Himself faithful. The question is, will I TRUST Him. I mean, He promises to “work all things together for good.” If that is true, and we know it is, than we have to believe, by faith, ALL IS NOT LOST. God’s plans and purposes will be accomplished in me, in my circumstances, in my current situation, in my disappointments. I will get revelation from Him and be healed. Its funny, in hindsight, if I knew what the “REAL” outcome would be (what God’s agenda was for me in it), when I first began my journey toward greatness, I doubt that I would have put as much effort into executing my plan. But God! He is so GOOD. His love endures forever. His faithfulness is beyond comprehension. In the compost pile of my life, there ARE treasures to find. Treasures I didn’t expect. In the hidden place, he fashions and forms in me a new nature. He gives me the heart of Jesus. He helps me to recognize my need for Him and teaches me about love and faithfulness and humility. He shows me how to walk by faith, in the Power of the Holy Spirit. He invites me to submit my life to Him and spend it for the sake of God’s agenda. It’s painful and yet in it Jesus opens my heart/mind to understand who He is, who I am in Him, and who He wants to be for me, right now, in the midst of my circumstances. It’s true; I started out with the best of intentions and I had my own agenda. But God uses everything to accomplish His purposes in me. I so want to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. When I do, God begins to unveil the REAL treasure – the fruit of His Labor – in my life. Those are the sweetest moments I’ve had with Jesus. When, after all is said and done, I don’t just believe that He loves me, I KNOW that he does. My spirit dances inside my chest and I feel more ALIVE than ever before. I feel His FULLNESS in me and, more often then not, I realize that I HAVE WHAT I HAVE TRULY DESIRED ALL ALONG, I am known by God and I know God more, and I am so thankful. May we always remember that Our Heavenly Father is eternally faithful. He is always working! His plans cannot be thwarted! Jesus is the WAY to the treasure and HE IS OUR TREASURE.

  2. “Though its roots grow old in the ground, and its stump dies in the dry soil, at THE SCENT OF WATER, it will flourish and put forth sprigs like a plant”
    Job 14:8-9 How I love this verse…..and your beautiful writings.

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