A Voice of One Calling


Words of wisdom and clarity slicing through the muddle and fog that humanity seems to continously stubble through.


Words that come from the holy place to reside inside a man or woman for a brief hour in the grand clock of time marching.

Words that speak truth.

Words that speak The Truth.

Will there be another  man sent from God?

Perhaps a woman assigned a position for such a time as this….

A Deborah.

A Nathan.

An Esther

A Daniel.

A John.

A Billy.

Yes, that Billy. Billy Graham.

I’ve been thinking of this man often the past couple of years. I have read his books. I have seen him on television. But this is not why I’ve been thinking of him.

He just pops into my head for no real reason except for me to ponder, to reflect on the little I know about his life.

I know he has remained faithful to one message, that Jesus is the only way to God, that the cross is the only way for forgiveness to be real and tangible and settled.

I know he has spoken this message to millions of people over the course of his lifetime.

I know that he has not watered this message down for anyone, not even a president.

A blip on the radio two days ago said Billy Graham was in the hospital being treated for bronchitis. It said he is stable. It said he is resting comfortably.

It also said he is 93.

So, I wonder.

When this man dies, who will God raise up to take his place?  Who will be the man or woman God chooses to speak both Love and Truth into the culture?

Who will be chosen to speak simply about Jesus?

Who will say His name with awe and love dripping from their lips before presidents and kings?

Who, at this moment, has the caliber, the integrity, the lack of guile forged into their spirit to humbly speak the things of the Kingdom without compromise or celebrity?

I wonder who God has prepared  to stand against the buffeting winds of the cultural downslide.

Who will speak it?  The Word, that is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword and piercing the soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

God seems to like choosing people whose assignment is to carry a sword in their mouths to speak before throne sitters.

When Billy Graham leaves the skin tent his was born into and steps into the arms of his glorious Saviour as a beloved son, who, right now at this moment, is waiting in the desert place, waiting to be nudged by the Holy Spirit onto the global stage with the words  “Make ready the way of the Lord on their lips?


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