Live An Intentional Summer

















and the livin’ is easy….

Janis Joplin kills this song.

Her vocals are raw and strained and the song a lament, a prayer.

I am transported to a place where the air hangs still and thick and the wildflowers are weighed down by fragrance.

Insects whizz and buzz in hidden places.

Heat shimmers over the landscape and it is the time of slow-ness.










The place where I live the summers are short lived.

We wring everything we can out of a summer day before the leaves begin to turn in late August.

I find I must be intentional or I will miss opportunities to live easy.

I made a list recently that I shared at a women’s gathering; a list of summer intentions.

Perhaps something on this list will lead you to a place of refreshing.

Some Ideas To Bring A Refreshing & Re-charge To Your Life

1. Plant something

Pansies are happy and pretty

Petunias are fun and easy

Herbs are a delight

2. Find water

Sunrise on the beach

Sunset on the lake



















3. Put Something Sweet Into Your Life

Eat a s’more

Make Sun Tea

Go Berry Picking

4. Discard Something

Clean out & organize one space in your home

Give away really nice clothes you don’t need.

5. Get Summer Reading

“A Thousand Gifts”, by Ann Voskamp

“The Shack, by Wm. Paul Young

Anything by Brennan Manning

6. Hang Out With People Who Know Jesus and People Who Don’t

Get an ice cream

Have a BBQ

Go to a BBQ

7. Take A Nap

In the grass

On the beach








8. Give Thanks

Make a blessing list for the summer

Start a gratitude journal.









9. Listen to Janis Joplin sing “Summertime”.

     Enjoy the intentionality of living easy.

3 thoughts on “Live An Intentional Summer

  1. Brennan Mannin… The Furious Longing of God…. One of my favorite books of his..
    Nice blog, Mits! And Janis does kill this song!!

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