Fifty Shades of Red











Red covers.

Red washes.

Red destroys.

Red preserves.

A scarlet cord hangs in a window and provides safety and mercy to a harlot who ends up in the geneology of Jesus.

A blood-smear seeps into the wood of door mantels and there is no death.

A  crimson named sea awaits instructions to part, heaving and churning upon itself to make way for a people shaking their fist at their leader because they are afraid God will not keep His promises.

Finally the red from the veins of the Lamb stains the thorns and spikes and crossed timbers to Finish It.

I am covered by the red of an innocent savior. Guilt and shame have been washed away.

My heart is pure because He poured the red.

Will I take the red that covers my heart, the red that has redeemed my life and grey it up?










I have seen and heard a clamoring, witnessed the excitement for an enticement of fifty shades of another color.

A color that promises titillation and arousal from another place that is not my own.

I am invited to partake of the forbidden, “to eat and wipe my mouth and then say “I have done nothing wrong.”

The grey of twilight. There is just enough light to see the path.













But twilight can be deceiving. It doesn’t let you know how fast the sun is going down.

In the twilight, in the evening, in the middle of the night, and in the darkness…the God words say that is how the naive are led down the path.

What the naive don’t see is that it is progressively getting darker.

The twilight says it is okay, go ahead, the grey makes for a good beach read.

Soft porn under an umbrella.

Good story beneath subjection and pain.








What do I say to my daughters?

That this is love? This is their freedom in sexuality?

Budding Beauties.






















I do not want them de-flowered.

I want them flower-ed.

I want them to bloom in purity and clean fragrance.

They do not need to know. They do not need to know dark things. I do not need to know dark things.

We do not need to go the way of the old Eve who just had to know.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue…words, those spoken face t0 face and those written in books.

I want the red words. The Jesus words.













Behold, I make all things new.

I do not stay away from the grey places because I am good, or because I have morals.

I stay away because I have seen the red.

Beautiful life giving, sin washing, heart restoring red.

I have learned through the stumblings and scrapings of life that my ways are not His ways. I have learned that Jesus bought all of me when the red dripped down.

I am learning that I am a gift and I have gifts to give and that my sexuality is a gift so precious that it is not meant to be covered in grey.

I am thinking of my girls. I am thinking about the world they must navigate as young women. I pray they will always know the precious gifts they are and the gifts they have to give are covered in redemption.

I am thinking of my sons. I am thinking about the world they

must forge through as young men. I am thankful that they have learned to love women tenderly and sweetly.

Shades of red triumphs over shades of grey. Mercy triumphes over judgement.


One thought on “Fifty Shades of Red

  1. God is uncovering beautiful shades of grace and truth in you….keep writing, there is more I love you

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