Under the Blade of the Spade

Let us go to the other side.

Jesus words.

To a bunch of leather-faced fisherman who know the drill.

Men who know boats. Men who know the water.

Just another routine trip across a lake they’ve navigated hundreds of times.

They could do it in their sleep.

On this day it is Jesus who sleeps.

Somewhere in the middle of the lake, a storm blows in brutal enough to drive even sea-worthy men to panic.

And in their fear they accuse.

Teacber, do You not care….?

Jesus speaks. Hush, be still.

Is  He just talking to the wind?

The fishermen had forgotten in their fear  the sleeping King had told them from the beginning they were going to the other side. 

I took the spade to some plants the other day and plunged the blade into the middle of the greenness and pushed.

I heard the snap of the tender stalks. 

I carefully lifted the blade and plunged it in again, this time around the perimeter of the plant, lifting the roots.

The spade brought the intial cut.

The shovel did the rest.

Slicing into the ground it cut through the entanglement of roots and life-giving dirt and separated the stalks  from the only home it has known.

I shook the dirt clods from the roots and carefully laid the bent and bruised stalks on the ground while I dug another hole.

The plant I ripped from the ground looked dead.

But I know a secret.

I plunge and cut and uproot because I want more flowers.

I know that the uprooting will bring new growth.

I know that the bruising will bring more life.

A new chapter begins for my family upon hearing that the company my husband has worked for the better part of twenty five years is suddenly shutting some operations down. 

Unemployment was not on the radar screen.

The horizon is clouded and we cannot see what is in front of us.

We feel the sharp blade of the spade.

We are learning to trust in a King who rests during a storm.

We are learning to trust even more in a Savior who wants us to live out of faith and not fear.

To live out of praise and not accusation.

I know the King cuts and slices and uproots. 

It is because He wants more flowers.

6 thoughts on “Under the Blade of the Spade

  1. Mitsie, we have are navigating through our 8th month of unemployment. Your sister Ruth pointed me to your blog. We have a few other complications that make job-finding difficult. I am putting your blog in my “favorites” and putting your family on my prayer list right alongside your sister’s. You seem very well equipped to navigate this storm well. Godspeed to you all.

  2. Yes! I’ve been hanging on to the same word in this season. “We walk by faith, not by sight.” We base our theology on the authority of the Word of God, on God’s promises, not in what we see or don’t see with our eyes, not in what we experience or don’t experience. We ask for God’s point of view concerning our circumstances, making it our goal to focus not on what God isn’t doing (yet) but on what He is doing and we praise Him for that. I read Psalm 5:3 today. It says, “In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” Some translations say, “I look up” but the word actually means to shine, to be bright; to look out, to view; like a prophet who gets revelation from God about future events through dreams and visions, declares them, and then watches with the diligence of a watchmen, expecting it to come to pass. I love that. I want that kind of heart. I want to have the power of the Holy Spirit to persevere and remain faithful and expecting to the bitter end. Praise God. He is faithful. He will do it.

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