Mother’s Day









Mothering is like fence building with rocks and bricks that don’t match.

There are sharp edges.

It takes time to fashion a mother who is intentionally kind. 

It takes time to put the rocks and bricks in the right place.









There is the heavy lifting of apology.

But it is a necessay foundation. When a mother apologizes and admits to her children her own need for a Savior, her children are given a great gift.

They learn how to forgive.









It takes time for things to bloom and by then the mother is weathered and not a little broken.

Some might think this unfair, but the mother knows it is the way of the Cross.










The cross covers it all. The arguements. The attempts to control. The scary, angry face.

The cross covers a mother when she is afraid. Will her children grow up well?  Despite her….involvement?

One day in the midst of a pile of rocks, fallen down yet again, she sees.












Children, born from her womb, grown, with talents she knows nothing about. Children who know things she doesn’t know.

Children who teach her.

Her heart is full.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who live among rocks and are covered by a Savior.

May you see all that Jesus has done in you and through you in the lives of your children.




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