Brick and Mortar Rest Stop









Sometimes you are going along in your life and you actually see the blessings.

They are standing right in front of you. 

A memory steps out of  the shadows reminding you that God spoke about these very blessings a long time ago.

Sometimes you hear His voice as if He’s peering over your shoulder, and you think, “Is that You, God, breathing on me?”

You find yourself standing under God’s smile and you know full well it is not because you’ve done something good.

It’s because He is good.

He promises that you will get to the other side and you believe Him because the miracles are happening all around you.

You are moving forward.

Then you see it. Jericho.

A  brick and mortar place.

A set in stone place.

You are stopped dead in your tracks and that’s when you realize how tired you really are.

Not. Going. To. Move.









I’ve hit a brick wall.

And it takes a moment to realize God put it there.

I am deliriously happy with some recent events in my life.  A new church building.  A new grandbaby coming.  A son getting married. A successful homeschool adventure coming to a close.  And these are just the ones that have a calendar date attached to them.

There are so many others.

With each new blessing, each new adventure, the to-do list seems to grow and I need to be reminded Who spoke the blessings into being in the first place.

Joshua needed reminding, too, before his Jericho moment.

“Remember the word which Moses the servant of the Lord commanded you, saying ‘The Lord your God gives you rest, and will give you this land’ “

The rain came hard this morning and I woke up wanting to sleep in the cocoon of a blissfully dreary day.

I couldn’t move forward in anything I was so tired. 

Instead I walked in a wide circle around walls that appear impenetrable. It’s all I can do sometimes.

No fighting, no laboring, only walking.

And chewing on words.










Words that promise rest and a future land. A mission. A portion for me to walk in.

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

Some of the walls in my life are of my own making, but other times they are put there by the One who loves me because He doesn’t want me to take another step until I’ve rested.

I am learning there is still time for sounding trumpets.


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