Waiting My Turn


Heraldry in yellow.  Spring’s Forerunner. Bent over in Wild Announcement.

My forsythia is splashing it’s glory all over the front stoop while the rest of my garden waits.

I hate waiting when it’s not my timetable.

I’m okay if I’ve set the agenda, but when I must yield to inconvenience, or the waiting lasts to what amounts a lifetime, then, those things I thought were dead, or at least dormant, show themselves. 

 I am Unkind. Impatient. Ungrateful. Where is my weed killer?

I learn lessons in the garden.

The lilac waits to bloom in the shadow of the forsythia bush and it does not lament because it knows it will have it’s own day of beauty  soon enough. It knows its splendor comes with a fragrance the forsythia knows nothing about.   








I am learning to wait. I am learning to rest in a greater glory.

One day a man came to Jesus. A pleading man. A man facing a father’s worst nightmare. Death was coming to his daughter.

Hurry, Jesus. Come. Right. Now.

Of course Jesus comes. He always comes.


Sometimes He turns around. Sometimes He has to let something else bloom first.

A hemorrahaging woman touches Him and instead of hurrying to the pleading man’s house because time is running out, Jesus turns and gives her the pleading man’s time instead.  He heals an old woman while a little girl dies.

Not fair.

The pleading man asked first.  

Jesus, why did you have to turn around?

 You could have just let the power go through You into that woman and been on Your way. 

The pleading man couldn’t have known in those agonizing moments when his friends said, “Your daughter has died; do not trouble the Teacher anymore”, that Jesus was timing everything perfectly.

First, He heals.

Then, He raises from the dead.

I am the pleading man….needing to have a power encounter with the One who answers my cry for healing by teaching me to wait because He knows He is about to do a greater thing.  A fragrant thing.







I am learning to wait my turn.

What are you waiting for? Do you know that waiting in God is a gift?  He will do all things well in your life in His perfect timing.

They that wait upon the Lord, will renew their strength….psalm 40:31


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